Cleantalk Anti-spam WordPress Plugin Review

August 20, 2019
Cleantalk Anti-spam WordPress Plugin Review

How many times have you been alerted you have comments on your WordPress blog or website? Only to find out they are complete spam posts. Here is my Cleantalk anti-spam WordPress plugin review.

Our goal to create a blog or website is to get the message out about our business, group or organization. Comments, like in the social media platforms, are a great way for others to interact with your site.

Unfortunately, the scumbag spammers on the internet have ruined so many sites. Furthermore, a majority of people do not even know their sites have been hacked by bogus comment posters and bots.

At one time, I signed into one of my blogs to find over 50 comments in the various postings and pages I had created over the years. Fortunately, I had set the WordPress settings to “hold for moderation”. This is NOT the default! This means anyone that post a comment is held until I say it is ok to post.

For those who have not set this up, your site will sooner or later be filled up with fake comments and links to sites all over the world. Often, these sites are not ones you would NOT show your grandmother.

Earlier this year I went searching for a solution. Even deleting these posts held in moderation consumed precious time from my business.

The final straw happened when somehow another scumbag was able to sign up as a user. They also changed a password from a user name that was just an author. No damage done as I have other monitoring plugins that alerted me.

I knew I needed a robust anti-spam WordPress plugin.

So I want to show you what I settled on and how it is working out. Below is my Cleantalk anti-spam WordPress plugin review.

Cleantalk anti-spam WordPress plugin review.

I tested several WordPress anti-spam plug-ins to stop this chaos on my sites. The one I chose is called Cleantalk. 360,000 WordPress sites are protected by Cleantalk. In other words, I felt safe. Basically, as seen in the picture above, Cleantalk sends the requests for posts and registrations to their Cleantalk cloud.

Cleantalk quietly works in the background monitoring the traffic to my WordPress blogs. It displays a small dashboard in the WordPress site showing the spam hits in 3 different tabs. These tabs are “Approved”, “Spam” and “Spam Firewall”.

Cleantalk Anti-spam WordPress Plugin Approved Spam SpamFirewall
Cleantalk approved vs spam vs spamfirewall

The above stats are for 2 of my sites just this week. Imagine if Cleantalk was not monitoring these sites. More junk spam comments. More spam backlinks. Another user name abuse. Possibly, the entire site could have been hijacked!

I will not allow scumbags and thugs to destroy my business. My main blog is too important to my living and my clients.

This plugin is very inexpensive. The cost is a few dollars a year. I host many blogs so the multiple license worked best for me.

I recommend you act before your site is hacked or trashed. Cleantalk WordPress anti-spam plugin is very easy to use and review the results.

Finally, I look forward to hearing from you on the results you get from this plugin.

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