Connectio Connect Audience Review

July 23, 2019

To continue our review of Connectio Suite, I want to do give you a Connectio Connect Audience review. This module in the suite is designed to extract customers, leads and prospects from your existing email autoresponder system and let Facebook send ads to them.

This should not be confused with Retargeting. That is sending an ad to those who have already seen a previous ad.

This module is for those that have a list in their email system.

You begin by selecting your Facebook account. Give the new audience a name. Add any tags to the new audience you want. Pic your autoresponder email system [it must be set up in Connectio first]. You will want to publish to Facebook. Agree to the terms. Clicking “update on a daily basis” will make the system go out everyday and sync the contacts. “Allow removal” will let the system delete contacts outside of your email system. I do NOT recommend this option.

Connectio Connect Audience Review

That is it for the set up. This will go and pull your email lists from your favorite autoresponder email system.

How do you manage the Connect Audience?

Now, if you want to manage the various audiences you have extracted, the manage tab is where you go.

connectio connect audience

If the audience was set up automatically to update, the newest data date will show up here. Other than that, there is not much left to do here.

Go to the ads manager in Facebook and just select the audience as you would a custom audience. It may take a little while for the entire number of emails to show up. Not every person will use the same email address in an opt-in as their Facebook account. Nothing we can really do about this one.

[Side note – I always ask in the opt-in form to provide “Primary Email” as that is usually someones go to for all important email]

Now you have an audience that mimics your email list and you can target them directly. How cool is that, huh? Also, if you list is big enough, you can create a look-a-like audience from your list to market to very similar folks. That is another post, though.

That wraps it up for this Connectio Connect Audience Review. Our next review will be about “Connect Leads.” That module covers Lead Forms in Facebook. Therefore, don’t miss it.

See you in the next one.

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