I Do Not Pounce On You

August 27, 2019
I Do Not Pounce On You

Tired of marketing gurus, experts and trolls stalking your Facebook groups and email? This was a post I ran on Facebook. I thought it would be fun to post it here, too. Remember, I do not pounce on you!

Did you hear about that new ad agency marketer that made it big in just a few weeks, starting with no leads, no money and no experience?

No. Me neither.

Because it’s not a real story….Let me correct that…It is a real story but not about the real inner workings. You see, it’s a trick internet marketers use to try to suck you in. Sure, they made BIG money in a few weeks. But, they are not new nor are they inexperienced.

They won’t tell you how much money they had to spend to get that return. Many want to sell you on this “idea” that you can do it too. They leave out the details of their background and experience.

Give it the gut check before you write a real check!

Tired of the tricks and games? Me too. Hi, it’s Keith Crovatt from MagneticCustomers.com. I am a weird type of marketer. When you sign up for my list I don’t send you multiple emails a day. I don’t hunt you down on Facebook and send messages to “engage” with me.

I don’t offer the “next greatest program” that will change your life forever, every month! My team gives you REAL WORLD solutions for everyday problems you may encounter for marketing.

Yep, I might be crazy. You see NOT doing all of those annoying tricks has made for happier customers. Plus, I feel better about myself knowing that my business is not built on deceit and fake news.

Interested in learning to do that for yourself? I’d be happy to share with you 🙂

As a measure of good faith, I will even give you my current guide (“26 Proven Insider Ways to Get New Customers For Your Business”) that helps anyone running a blog, website, funnel or even a Facebook page only. Simply share it once and then download it.

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I Do Not Pounce On You

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