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August 6, 2019

Frustrated with learning this “Internet Thing”? You will be RICH, they told you. Plus, the TIME and EFFORT needed to succeed? Is this YOU? Welcome to Magnetic Customers!

Hi, I am Keith Crovatt. Engineer geek blended with Marketing enthusiast. For over a decade, I have tested, broken, rebuilt and deployed just about every type of website, blog, email system and video production tool. I feel YOUR PAIN.

My goal is to help you navigate through the technical spider webs and marketing geek speak to drive CUSTOMERS into YOUR business. If you are looking for affiliate training, I can help you there, too.

I do not think it is fair to sell a product I have not tried out or use on a weekly basis. There are too many sites on the internet that will offer some lame “review” type of posting or site with the goal of getting a “click”. I call that “click bait”. It is VERY common.

This really gets me upset. When all of us started out, we went on a search for the most complete information we could find. At some point, you begin to trust certain people in this space and avoid others.

I routinely give away free advice on Facebook groups and in my Premium section. I believe we are on this earth to make it better and help each other as much as possible.

Therefore, I will NOT sell out my reputation for a quick dollar in affiliate commissions. In the end, the product will probably not work out for you and I will get blamed if I tried to trick you.

I am here for you. My goal is to help as many people with their businesses grow using the technology and talents available within. If you need help, just ask.

What is here for you?

magnetic customers resources

This site is full of actionable articles, videos and trainings to help you out. Use the search bar in the upper right hand corner if needed.

Some content is so thorough that it is part of the Premium Content Members Only section. If and when you want more complete trainings and communications with me, try out the Premium Content. For less than a medium pizza a month [$17/month], you have access to the ENTIRE site.

This is really a no-brainer. Why am I basically giving this access away? In the near future the price will increase upwards of $47/month. I want some good quality folks engaging with me on the site. Social proof as they say.

So, if you want to be part of the early bird membership, get it now or forever pay more later. Here is a link if you want it: Premium Content

magnetic customers resources

Need resources?

Check out the Sitemap here for category by category content.

Here are our resources we use everyday to help you and others be the best they can be.

Also, if you are looking for a book that changed my thinking years ago for marketing online, grab this FREE book [pay s/h], DotCom Secrets. Amazing.

Finally, thank you for reading this far. I am happy you found us. If you are interested in my PRIVATE Facebook group, check out the link on this page. I also have a GIFT, just for visiting our site. The link is on here too.

From my family, I thank you and look forward to helping you build your dream. Again, welcome to Magnetic Customers.

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