Local Business Owner A-Z Marketing

June 20, 2019
Local Business Owner A-Z Marketing

As a local business owner, you rely on repeat customers and typically word of mouth referrals for business. Often, we business owners get caught up in the operation of the business. We also forget about the need to constantly market for new customers.

I am starting a new short course geared to you, the local business owner. It is simply an A to Z guide to jump start your initial learning curve or enhance your experience.

Each post will start with a letter (i.e. I – Ignore pain points) and cover one specific topic. If I have an example, I will point it out or provide a LINK for clarification.

These are intended to jog your thought processes in regards to getting new customers. After all, without new customers your business will slowly shrink over time.

Local business owners are blessed with loyal customers and a community that supports their business. After all, we are leaders and want to help those with our products and services. But, that does not mean that we can kick back and expect prospects and existing customers to come to us on a regular basis.

Solve problems, support the community and make the world a better place when we leave. If you honestly provide this help, you will not go hungry for business.

Here is our next post starting with “A” – Autoresponders, Email Account Marketing Is Dead. You can also use the “search” bar on this site to find all of the A-Z posts. Some letters may seem strange in marketing but sit back and think on it. Each one is listed for a reason.

A simple disclaimer

I want to be transparent too so some links may be my affiliate link to the product. I will not recommend a product or service I have not evaluated or use regularly. This is how I pay for the website and hosting bills. I hope you understand.

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