114 Sales Funnel Examples

August 31, 2019

What if you could get your hands on 114 sales funnel examples for $7. 172 pages of real world sales funnel examples can be yours right now.

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Do I need ClickFunnels? I don’t understand how it will work with my business.” Knowing that ClickFunnels has the power to transform any business, it’s hard not to softly laugh as I respond, “Do you need leads or customers?”

Russell Brunson, CEO of Clickfunnels

For those people that have not heard of Clickfunnels, it is basically a very easy drag and drop webpage creator. The higher level system contains an email system and affiliate management portal. This system falls under the category of “software as a service” or SAAS.

Clickfunnels is everywhere! Why so much hype?

Many of you have been bombarded with ads, emails and videos to buy Clickfunnels. Almost to the point of being annoying. The folks pushing the Clickfunnels platform are MISSING THE BOAT. It is NOT about a platform, it is bringing LEADS and CUSTOMERS into your business.

So, I want to show you a different way to think about leads coming into your business. You want to keep it simple. Give your prospects and customers a reason to fill out a short form. Deliver them a huge value item and followup with them on a regular basis. That is it. No magic.

People ask me, Keith, what value item should it deliver and how do I do it?

This is the key question everyone needs to answer for themselves. The value item can be a significant discount, a buy one get one free offer, free delivery of purchases, etc. The list is only limited to your imagination.

For the how do I do it? What if I gave you 114 PROVEN sales funnel examples or just $7? Each one shows you the EXACT ad, the “hook”, the “story”, the “offer” and the “thank you page”. It also gives you the link to the offer.

Look at the BEST EVER converting funnel below:

114 Sales Funnel Examples

Do you think you can go through 114 sales funnel examples and “model” one of them for your business within about 45 minutes? I know you can because I do it everyday.

Why is this so powerful? No “blank screen” paralysis wondering what to say and will it convert. No guessing. Much less testing. Change it up for your business and post the ad on Facebook, Google Ads, and other platforms.

Did I say the Lead Funnels manual is only $7 [Seven Dollars, USD]? Yes, very much so.

OK, I know, what is the catch? There is not a catch. I bought mine yesterday to get the SWIPE files! Russell knows that in order to help others grow their business, the easier it is the better. He really is into helping as many others as possible succeed. I feel the exact same way.

Why do I spend time to help you out?

This is why I write this blog. It is not to exercise my fingers. It is not to hear my thoughts as I type this post. I do this work everyday. If I can help you do it too, I am paying it forward from those that helped me in the past.

I have written other posts on this blog to help you out. For example, “How to connect a domain to Clickfunnels”. For the lead funnel part “Make Offers Your Customers Can Not Resist.” Many other posts are here. Just use the search bar in the upper right for more.

Also, here is the difference between Clickfunnels and Lead Funnels in a post I wrote.

Finally, run do not walk over to Lead Funnels and grab this 172 page gold marketing nugget while they have it for $7.

If you have questions or want help from me, please fill out the “contact us” form and we can talk.

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