Difference Between Clickfunnels and Lead Funnels

September 2, 2019

Clickfunnels launched its sister Lead Funnels this week. I am often asked “what is the difference between Clickfunnels and Lead Funnels”?

Funnel this, funnel that. All over the internet it seems everyone with a laptop and an internet connection sells a “new” funnel something. Calm down and I will tell you what this new offering entails.

Clickfunnels has rapidly become the de-facto standard in drag and drop web page creation. In the past, it was a little more difficult to build out a good looking and reliable webpage or landing page. After using Clickfunnels for around 4 years now, I can tell you it is super easy to use.

But, it is NOT a replacement for a total website like those built on WordPress or other platforms. Clickfunnels is designed to build sales funnels for capturing contact information, create membership sites and offer video pages to drive sales.

Now with any type of build program, it can be challenging at first to design. Think the “blank page” syndrome. Staring at a screen and not knowing what to design first. Thank God Clickfunnels has a large assortment of templates. Simply load them and modify.

But still, the challenge becomes what words to use for a headline. What converts and what does not. You do not want to spend hours building a site that does not draw prospects into your business.

So, here arrives Lead Funnels. Lead Funnels is the $7 report that contains the who, what, where, when and how behind Clickfunnels. Lead Funnels has over 114 ready made templates that convert!

Here is a Lead Funnels example:

Difference Between Clickfunnels and Lead Funnels

As you can see, this is THE TOP converting sales funnel Russell has done. All of the rest of the funnels are shown in this format. You “model” them [do not steal] and start using them as your own.

So, the difference between Clickfunnels and Lead Funnels is one of a platform versus examples and explanations of the funnels that sit inside Clickfunnels.

Lead Funnels should be seen as an extension to Clickfunnels. There are many other extensions that work with Clickfunnels.

One of my favorites is the Headline Generator [that is free] for creating killer headlines that convert. I wrote about this here. It is a part of Scripts Funnels but the headline generator can be used for free. That rocks!

Finally, for $7, Lead Funnels is an amazing steal. 172 pages of research, funnels and education. Grab it now by [Clicking Here]. I bought mine last week while it was available. You should too.

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