A-Z Definitive Guide

July 19, 2019
A-Z Definitive Guide

For years, I thought that advertising on Facebook™ and other social media platforms were the best use of my marketing budget. (That is why I want to put into your hands The A-Z definitive guide.)

Well.. I was wrong 😂

So, I want to make it right with a gift to you below.

These platforms are getting expensive. Even with expert tweaking, optimization and micro-targeting, the cost of acquiring a “new” customer can really take a toll on your budget.

Furthermore, there is a BIG difference between a prospect that will eventually buy from you versus a “looker” that will click any ad at random just for kicks. They may even sign up for your offer but they will never purchase. What a waste of time and effort, right?

And…either you are hiring this out to expensive consultants/marketers or are trying to do it yourself, it is a HUGE TIME DRAIN. This is not why you went into business in the first place right?

Let me help you remove that PAIN! There are many ways to attract customers into your business. Some use ads and others don’t.

Doesn’t matter how good your existing list of customers and prospects are … if you’re not expanding the list, you won’t grow.

(Try selling your products over and over again to your same clients and expect to expand … it’s hard 😝)

So far, so good. You already know this. Similar to my previous posting about lists.

How do I change this?

What you probably don’t know, is that you’re making a BIG mistake advertising on many social media platforms BEFORE you have a trusted reliable sales funnel in place.

How do I know that? Because Facebook and the others kinda WANTS you to make that mistake. Their stock prices demand growth!

I decided to bring together 26 various proven ways to drive new customers into your business. The A-Z definitive guide. A-Z (therefore 26 😂) Definitive Guide For New Customers Quickly & Easily. For a limited time, I am giving this away. Why? I am very active in Facebook groups and I answer the same types of questions all of the time. I want to Pay It Forward from those that helped me a decade ago to get where I am today.

A-Z Definitive Guide
A-Z Definitive Guide

Click on the guide above or simply go here for the A-Z Definitive Guide.

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