What To Write In Your Emails

July 20, 2019

No matter what others tell you, Email is still one of the best ways to engage your customers or prospects. So, we should discuss what to write in your emails.

After someone joins your list, you will send out an introductory email telling them thank you. Also, you will tell them who you are and why are you hosting the email list and/or webpage.

Remember, everyone gets TOO many emails today. Yours must stand out as super value. Ideally, you want your emails to be the ones people add to their priority tabs. You want people to read yours first because you provide incredible value, tips, tricks and offers for your industry.

Here is a simple formula to get folks to love your emails. Problem, agitate and solve. Wash, rinse and repeat. What do I mean by this? Let me explain.

Everyone wants to save time, save money, avoid pain and save effort! Read this again. That sentence describes the emotional pull to your messages every time. It doesn’t matter what market you are serving. It is a universal emotional response. This tells you what to write in your emails!

So the idea is to find out what people really want. You can do an “ask” campaign via Facebook or in person. Once you have a list of issues, you are ready to solve them in an email sequence.

When you start, talk about the problem. Then, agitate the problem to create emotional turmoil. This makes the reader really want to avoid the pain or time etc. Finally, you solve the problem quickly, easily and with very little effort.

But how do I start you ask?

Would it be easier if I gave you a guide of what to write in your emails? It is helpful to have a starting point than staring at a blank screen with brain freeze 🙂

My favorite email system has offered my clients a simple PDF which includes fill-in-the-blank email templates to make getting started even easier. Here is a sample screen shot. There are over 46+ templates to use.

Grab their Free templates here while they still offer it.

what to write in your emails

How is that for almost done for you email marketing? Combine this with a funnel system for collecting customer and prospect emails and you are done. From there, you are able to market on demand to an engaged list of folks that WANT YOU TO HELP THEM.

Since headlines in emails are so important, you may want to use the headline generator that converts.

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