Connect Clickfunnels To Aweber

July 14, 2019
connect clickfunnels to aweber

I get so many requests from the groups I attend, I thought this is one of more important requests. How to connect Clickfunnels to Aweber.

You see, Clickfunnels is a wonderful tool. I use it everyday in my business. Unfortunately, it may not be obvious how exactly all of the pieces work together.

Aweber is one of the best email autoresponder systems out there. I also use it everyday. They have the best delivery and are friendly to affiliate marketers, if you in that category (just follow their rules carefully). Plus, don’t forget to use their powerful blog broadcast feature.

When I started helping others on the Facebook groups, I realized that it is very difficult to text out exactly HOW to connect Clickfunnels to Aweber.

I decided to put together this simple guide that explains it all. Pictures, step by step how these 2 great apps connect.

Why am I giving this away? Many folks helped me out over 10 years ago as I started this business. It is a pay it forward moment here.

All I ask is not share the guide. Point others to this post and let them download their free copy. It takes quite a bit of work to create these guides. I know you understand (don’t mess with bad Karma 🙁 )

I have written many articles on here about email and autoresponder systems. Here is one that you may find useful.

How do I get my guide to Connect Clickfunnels to Aweber for FREE?

Simply enter your primary email and name below and I will send you guide no strings attached. I just ask you refer others to me if they are seeking similar information.

Many folks tell me the hardest part of setting up Clickfunnels is the integration into the email systems. It is not hard but there are many moving parts and each one must be set up.

Follow this manual exactly and you should be set up with your Aweber integration into Clickfunnels.

When you connect Clickfunnels to Aweber, the system will tie them together using an API. This is a secure integration between the 2 systems. When this happens, the set up in Aweber that disables the double opt-in does not work anymore.

Even if you have set up Aweber to disable double opt-in, they will still require the customer or use to click on a link in their email inbox. This can reduce your opt-in rate by 40%.

The solution to this is simply enter a support ticket into Aweber and request they remove the double opt-in for API. They will verify your account and turn it off. Done. Remember this step, it is critically important!

If you are still having issues, please reach out to us here. It could be the particular part of the integration has changed since this post was printed.

I will check out the issues you are having and update the manual for everyone else going forward.

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