Connect Domain To Clickfunnels

August 15, 2019

One of the top questions I am asked from clients is ” How to connect a domain to Clickfunnels “. I will show you the exact way a domain is connected to Clickfunnels here.

First, you will buy your domain. A domain is simply the web address for your site or blog. For example, ours is It was purchased at the best domain company (IMHO). We purchase domain names outside of Clickfunnels (or any other application) because we want complete control of the domain property. Sorry, I digress.

Once you have purchased your domain, you will go into the “manage” the domain section. Your goal here is to point your new domain to Clickfunnels. Now, each registrar of domain names will look different. You just will find where you can change the redirection or advanced settings for your domain. Here is how Namecheap show theirs.

Connect Domain To Clickfunnels

Domains have 2 different sections. The first is the www.domain etc. and the second is simply the for instance. The way to send the domain over to Clickfunnels is find or create a new CNAME. This tells the domain provider to send any traffic from your domain to a new location. This is NOT the same as a redirect or forward. You must use the CNAME value.

How do I set up the CNAME to Clickfunnels?

Add a CNAME record with the host www and type in the value section Then add an URL redirect record with host @ to the complete URL Where yourdomain is your actual domain name.

Once you have done this, the domain is pointing to ClickFunnels. You can test this by entering your domain into a browser bar. It may take a while if you used this domain before or had previously forwarded it. You should see a page that says Clickfunnels hosting (they change it a lot).

Now, sign into your Clickfunnels account. If you have not yet signed up for the 14 day FREE trial, do it here.

Go to the accounts tab under your name in the upper right corner. Find “domains” on the left. You will see this page. It will be blank if you have no domains entered.

Connect Domain To Clickfunnels

Click on “Add New Domain” at the top.

Connect Domain To Clickfunnels

Add your domain name into the bar provided and hit “Add Domain”.

add your own domain in Clickfunnels

You are now going to click on the Add your own domain button. DO NOT register your domain here. You have already done it and you don’t want to be locked into anyone for domain rights.

set up your domain in Clickfunnels

What is SSL and why do I need it?

After the system has tied your domain to Clickfunnels, you want to make it secure. Expand the SSL section. You will then click on the button to add SSL to your domain. SSL is the secure layer that forms the httpS part of your domain. It is really important this works for shopping carts and other secure web activity. After about 10 minutes go back to this and expand again and check for the SSL. It should now show you are secure and connected.

The last step is to point the default page to what funnel you are creating in Clickfunnels. If you have not built a funnel yet, then you can do this at a later date.

Your domain should now be ready to rock and roll. You learned to connect your domain to Clickfunnels, good job! Note – it takes some domain registrars a day to move your domain over. From experience, if you do this with Namecheap from the start and follow my instructions exactly, you will be ready to go within an hour.

Now that you are connected, start building your funnel. Remember, the headline is the most important. If you want a super cool free headline generator to start out, check out my other post to get started.

As always, let me know if I can help you. Use the “contact us” form on this website to ask for help. Go forth and create those funnels NOW.

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