Connectio Connect Leads Review

July 31, 2019

Connectio Suite has another great module that will save you many hours of work and heartache. I am going to give you a Connectio Connect Leads review.

This module is designed to take any lead received from the Facebook “lead form” and send that data to your autoresponder email system [our favorite is Aweber]. The data goes to Facebook also. Unfortunately, in the past, you had to export the data and manually input it into another system.

Facebook lead forms work very well in many niches. The user stays on the Facebook platform.

But, it would be up to you in a manual way to pull those leads out and use them over and over again in your email system. Connectio Connect Leads solves this issue very nicely.

Connectio Connect Leads Review
The first initial page of Connect Leads

When you start, you can either create a new lead form or select from others that may be in your Facebook account. This suite seamlessly ties into your Facebook account with a secure API interface.

Either select an existing form or create a new lead form.

create a new lead form for Facebook

If you want to create a new form, select “Create Lead Form”.

Creating a new lead form from Connect leads to facebook

You will tie in the autoresponder email system you use like Aweber.

select the best autoresponder email system.

After you select the email system, you can use advanced attributions to tell the system which fields you require. You may have to get help from your provider if it is confusing. Some are better than others 🙂

add attributions from email system

You are ready to publish it in Facebook once the form is completed. The two are now linked together. Whenever a person enters their information in a lead form on Facebook, the information is AUTOMATICALLY sent to your email provider.

Modify Connect Leads information as needed.

What is the best way to get Connect Leads from Connectio Suite?

Simply go to the main page for Connectio. The best deal is to get Connect Audience [which is their newest offering and VERY good since I use it everyday]. The suite comes with it on a trial basis. After purchase, you are offered to get the entire suite for a huge discount for the year. It is the only way to go, really.

I have posted many previous posts about the different modules. Simply look below for other posts related to Connectio.

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