Secrets Of Clickfunnels Pricing

July 30, 2019
Secrets Of Clickfunnels Pricing

One of the most common questions I get in my support system is “what is the price of Clickfunnels?” Now, that really should not be the question. It should be “How can I use Clickfunnels to explode my business?” But, since I am all about being here for you, I wanted to share the secrets of Clickfunnels pricing.

First, you should not consider getting Clickfunnels unless you are willing to read these 2 books. DotCom Secrets which covers the basics of internet marketing with plenty of secrets mixed in. The second book is Expert Secrets which expands on the first one and has incredible teaching lessons that will set you apart from everyone else.

The really good news is BOTH OF THESE ARE FREE. You simply pay a small shipping fee and that is all.

How will these books help my business?

Along with these books, you are able to get a FREE 14 day complete trial of Clickfunnels. No strings attached. Just cancel before the 14 days and walk away. I am sure you will not want to because of what I am going to tell you below.

Now, you have probably already heard of Clickfunnels. That is why you are here, right? You may or may not know the various price points to use the service though. I will break these down for you and tell you the “secret” to getting it dirt cheap!

After the first 14 days [which you can start to make money immediately using it], you will have a choice on plans.

The first plan is $297 per month that includes the entire suite. This ties together the funnel building system with their own email delivery autoresponder system AND their built in affiliate program. It is a lot of value PLUS it makes it super easy with everything in one place.

The second plan is $97 per month. This includes the Clickfunnels system but limited to 20 funnels at a time [you can archive old ones and bring them back if needed]. This is plenty to start with making money using funnels.

The secrets of Clickfunnels pricing and the plan I mentioned?

Like I mentioned above, there is a “SECRET” plan that most people do not know about. It is called “Shared Funnels”.

The idea here is you receive a shared funnel from someone that serves a particular market. Lets say you want to target restaurants. I actually have a shared funnel that is for restaurants and I give it away.

These shared funnels will allow you to open a Clickfunnels account for ONLY $19 per month. Now, before you jump on this, it is limited. The limit is you can not add or majorly modify the funnels. They are as you receive them BUT they will get you started making money. You can upgrade to the other plans at any time.

Below is the screen shot you will see if someone has shared funnels with you. As you can see, you can have 3 different shared funnels in your account. How cool is that, huh? So, I can share my restaurant funnel, my landscape funnel and others for you to start RIGHT NOW!

Limited Share Funnels Pricing Clickfunnels

Keith, how do I get started now? I really need an income.

IF you are interested in starting to bring in extra income helping companies create a sales funnel, just CONTACT ME HERE. Tell me you want to receive my shared funnels.

Wait, there is more. If you create your Clickfunnels account with my shared funnels, I will also give you my “A-Z Definitive Guide For New Customers”.

A-Z Definitive Guide Clickfunnels Pricing

It includes 26 ways to start and grow your new business. It is NOT sold right now. The only way to get it is through my shared funnel giveaway.

Remember, they have a 14 day trial. Test drive this amazing software. Let me know what you think. I will help you along the way.

Click the link here and let me help you get started ==>> I am interested in starting to bring in extra income helping companies create a sales funnel

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