Connectio Connect Retarget Review

August 7, 2019

The Connectio Suite includes a module for retargeting visitors from your website or other web properties. So, let us jump into my Connectio Connect Retarget review.

Before we start, I will give you a definition of retargeting. When a person is on your website or has interacted with your business, a small piece of pixel code is placed on their computer. Using this code, we can show them ads based on the browsing functions online.

I talked about the connection from Connectio and Facebook in a previous post. By collecting the pixel data, we can offer the user a better experience online.

Let us say a user goes to a hotel on vacation. When they get home and surf Facebook, an ad from that exact motel [and others in the motel family] will show up on their feed. They would do this by connecting your email account to your Facebook account. If you used a different email account at the hotel than is your Facebook email, then obviously this would not trigger an ad.

How does Connectio Connect Retarget work?

The first section of Connect Retarget involves setting up an “audience”. See the screen shot below:

Connectio Connect Retarget Review

First, you will set up a pixel in Facebook. Under the business manager ad section, a few clicks will generate a pixel for you to use.

After you tie Connect Retarget to your Facebook account, you will see the pixel in the drop down menu at the top. You will see the pixel ID number also. Name your audience. Add the URL that you want tracked. If it is your entire website, put the pixel in the header or footer HTML code.

Next, tell it how long you want to track data on the page in days. I usually use the maximum of 180 days.

The last set up is a variety of filters. You can add multiples. Just do not add so many filters causing it to save no one.

connect retarget filter settings

Pick the settings that you are interested in. Experiment. Most of all, use it and test it.

Under the “PowerPixels” tab will be all of the pixels you have created. PowerPixels are Connectio enhanced pixels that let you do way more than the Facebook pixel. The good news is each pixel can be copied and altered quickly.

Similar to the PowerPixels tab is a “Manage” tab for the audiences. Here you will view or clone or view in Facebook. Powerful.

Connectio Connect Retarget Review

Finally, the “Templates” tab will allow you to quickly and easily select predefined templates ready to use. Click on these templates, modify, rename and you have your own template for the next time.

connectio connect retarget templates

That is basically the Connectio Connect Retarget review in a nutshell. It is a simple but POWERFUL module that is the secret to all successful marketers online. Retargeting is where the money is … as the saying goes.

Folks rarely buy from you before they have heard from you 7 times or more. This retargeting is how we do it.

If you missed my previous post on Connectio Connect Leads, you can read it here.

Where do I start? I am ready…

You owe it to yourself and your business to check out the entire Connectio Suite of modules. I am using them in my business and they are now a daily function. Simply go here and tell Wilco I sent you. He is a great guy.

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