Free Clickfunnels Headline Generator

July 17, 2019
Headline Generator That Converts

The most important part of any marketing piece is the headline. For decades, marketers have studied, tweaked and tested millions of headlines. Since it is SO critical for your success, I wanted to show you the free Clickfunnels headline generator.

Now, I have known Jim Edwards for close to a decade. He is a true rags to riches marketer. I don’t have time for his story, just take it from me, he is the real thing. The unicorn thing has story too, but that is for another time.

He has been creating “wizards” that make my life so much simpler related to content and marketing creation. I personally use dozens of his wizards every month in my own business. His latest big dog success is his teaming up with Russell Brunson, founder of Clickfunnels.

You see, all of the tools, apps, email systems and such aren’t worth a darn without excellent copywriting that is designed to SELL. So Jim took his skills at copywriting and applied it to Clickfunnels.

What came out of this was a fantastic Funnel Scripts wizard that will basically write your funnel for you! No more thinking and changing words for hours. No more funnels that don’t sell. Clear, concise words based on emotions and fear/greed (the main driving force in marketing).

Let’s see the free Clickfunnels Headline Generator work.

Take a look at this portion of the input page. Enter around 9 words or phrases (he gives many examples for each one), whack the button and BAM, powerful headlines in seconds.

free clickfunnels headline generator

After you have filled in the blanks, the outputs are given like the picture below. Now I am not talking about a few lines, like in the shot below. I am talking dozens upon dozens of great emotional buying headlines.

free clickfunnels headline generator

You really have to play with this wizard to see its power. Imagine the time, energy and frustrations you will save by simply entering a few lines, whack the button and “done for you”.

The wizard is not just for headlines. It can write your entire funnel wording in seconds. Plus, you will have access to Jim in his monthly training and a whole lot more.

Free Clickfunnels Headline Generator
Click to get free headlines

But for now, you can generate these types of headlines immediately. Free. Simply go here and start typing. Be sure to save the ones you like. Use it over and over again to get awesome headlines and much, much more for your funnels.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions about marketing for your business. I am always glad to help those starting out or more advanced owners.

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