Help Every Customer Solve A Problem

June 26, 2019
Help Every Customer Solve A Problem

There is a reason God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth. We can’t help every customer solve a problem if we don’t listen. This is our “H” in the A-Z local business marketing strategy.

How frustrating is it to go into a business and not get your problem solved? Too often, what a customer says their problem is may not be exactly what they are seeking.

By listening and asking leading questions, you can zero in on the REAL problem, issue or concern the prospect or customer is asking. In other words, if you can provide a solution to their problem, price is much less a concern.

I use the phrase – Good, Cheap and Fast, PICK 2. Let this sink in a few minutes. The cost of providing a service or product is never low with Good and Fast. Also, Cheap and Fast will often sacrifice Good. Oh, well, I digress.

It is much easier to understand a person’s problem when they are in front of you. It becomes much more difficult to do this for online problems or if many folks are having similar problems.

How do you efficiently help your customers?

There are 2 ways to overcome this issue. The first is a “Frequently Asked Question” posting on your website or social media page. People love to find answers quick and this is a great solution for 90% of problems. Add to this list over time when new problems or questions arise.

The second way to deliver over the top value and problem solving is with an “Ask Campaign”. For those that have an email list of prospects and/or customers (you do have this right and it is segmented?), send out a quarterly ask email for feedback on new services, products, ideas you may be thinking of for your business. The list goes on.

For instance, the “Ask Campaign” will be a light bulb moment for your business. These people are actually raising their hand and ASKING TO BUY something. What is better than that for a few minutes of work?

Remember, the goal in this exercise to help EVERY customer solve a problem. One of the best resources to read about segmenting customers and the “ask campaign” is Russell’s Expert Secrets Book. It is Free with shipping.

Combine the “Ask Campaign” with the “Birthday Marketing” system we wrote about under E for “events” and you will see there is always content to send out.

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