How Not To Over Complicate Your Marketing

July 2, 2019
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It is not good enough. The ad is not quite yet ready. There are so many moving parts to this marketing. The filters are not set up yet. These are simply excuses and stall tactics for how not to over complicate your marketing.

When starting or expanding your marketing campaign, you MUST know when good enough is good enough. I have a tip for you. It will NEVER be good enough for whatever reason if you go down this path.

We have been conditioned from the trolls and wanna-bees on social media that “your image is not right”, your ad copy has a typo, your face looks funny … Name it, you will find it on social media. DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU!

If the trolls and naysayers are such experts, why are they spending their time commenting and abusing business owners about their marketing? Especially during the day when they could be WORKING!

Let’s talk about simplicity. “How not to over complicate your marketing” is one of my top 5 checklist items for my customers. From an early age a lot of us were told that every little thing matters and perfection is the key.

I am not saying that we accept misspellings or poor grammar and such. I am saying that small layout issues of color or positioning and all should NOT stop you from marketing and selling your products or services.

It helps when you are laying out an advertising campaign to Mind Map the process (as I learned here) as I have talked about before. This goes a long way in keeping it simple, logical yet thorough.

What is the best way to keep it simple?

Create an attention grabbing ad (think colors, pain points, borders, etc.). Drive traffic to the ad with very targeted “interests”, “demographics” and location selections.

Capture the prospect’s name and email to receive your over the top, UN-resistible OFFER. Deliver the offer via email with a DEADLINE. Followup consistently over time. Once the prospect comes into your business or buys from you online, move them to the “customer” list where you market to them in a different way.

Wash, Rinse and Repeat. Keep trying new targeting, expand your reach and then massage each new customer for life.

If you would like help setting up your targeting or just want to brain storm your next marketing push, feel free to contact me here.

Remember, this is all about how NOT to over complicate your marketing!

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