Make Offers Your Customers Can Not Resist

June 29, 2019
Make Offers Your Customers Can Not Resist

The best way to drive new customers into your local business is make offers your customers can not resist. Think about the businesses you interact with on a regular basis.

The successful companies will provide over the top offers that seem amazing at the time. The key is to provide real value instead of fake value trying to trick folks to your business.

The best offers are real products or services that have a true “cost” associated with the offer. Think free meals at a restaurant or free hour of “jump time” at an indoor amusement center. Other opportunities are “bring a friend” for a free meal. The sky is the limit here really. The more $$$ value the better. Real perceived value is key.

What not to offer? A free brochure about your business…snore. How about a free bottle of water for driving to your place of business? Not. You get the picture here, right?

Remember the key here is to make offers your customers can not resist. If you can offer a special that brings in more than one person the revenue will help offset the cost of the special. For instance, a restaurant can offer a free meal with a group or BOGO type of offer.

A bicycle repair shop can offer 2 bike tune ups for the price of one. The object here is the up sell of items or alterations to the bikes. It is only limited to your imagination.

Where do you find more tips and tricks for this strategy?

Segmenting offers is a great customer acquisition strategy. In Expert Secrets (free with shipping) book, this strategy is broken down in detail. It is well worth a read. I have gone over it 5 times and picked up new tips each time 🙂

This may sound like a lot of work but it really is not. After a few offers, you will get the hang of what works and what needs tuning.

If you would like our help with any set up, brainstorming or ideas, feel free to reach out to us HERE.

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