Learn Your Data To Reduce Your Costs

June 29, 2019
Learn Your Data To Reduce Your Costs

When you are advertising and marketing your business, you will discover that data matters. What do I mean by data? How the right data scraped from your advertising will make a HUGE difference in your cost. Therefore, learn your data to reduce your costs. This is the “L” part of our A-Z local business owner system.

If you have ever downloaded your advertising data on the many platforms, you soon discover how complicated and time consuming it can be. But, if you don’t analyze your data, you are wasting a lot of money.

Fortunately, there is software that optimizes and reduces your cost significantly. Did you know that the “interest” area in Facebook is where the real money is hidden?

For instance, if you have 18 interests targeted in the “ad set”, these can be segmented into 3 different interest areas with an “and” function. That means the person targeted must “like” one out of EACH area before the ad will show on their feed.

Think about this a minute. Instead of putting all of the interests in one ad set, you would “and” them together. For example, if you have a restaurant, you could target the type of food people like AND if they have a birthday that month AND if they are married or single or whatever else you target.

The intersection of these 3 interest will make a very targeted, highly interested group to market your message.

What is the best way to learn your data to reduce your cost?

The absolute best software we use for this segmentation is right here. It is a suite of products that come together for every aspect of marketing on Facebook. You will see them listed as connect audience or connect retarget, etc.

By using this software on a regular basis you will always learn your data to reduce your costs. The higher the CTR, the cheaper your costs. The more engaged the reader is, the cheaper your costs. This is why you must know your data!

If you would like our help with any set up, brainstorming or ideas, feel free to reach out to us HERE.

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