Make Pop Up Mobile Friendly

July 21, 2019
Make Popups Mobile Friendly

Nearly 75 percent of people use their smartphones or mobiles to stay in touch with the world. It is absolutely CRITICAL that your website or blog create a good experience for them. We must make popups mobile friendly.

This is also called “mobile responsive” in the industry geek talk. It simply means that the popup fits nicely on a mobile device. If not, it will bleed off the edges or the submit button or other inputs will not look right.

So, how do we make popups mobile friendly? Simply go into your favorite email autoresponder system and adjust the width as needed. See the screenshot below.

Make Pop Up Mobile Friendly

Now, here is where the trial and error begins. When you integrate the opt-in form into your site, it is best if you can use the java script version of the code. This way you can simply keep changing the form in the email system and do not require a reload of the html code.

Adjust the width of the form. Save. Check the form on your mobile. A small phone screen is best to ensure it looks good at the smallest level. Watch for the input boxes and the submit button to fit properly.

Once the form looks right, then save it and you are done. This may seem trivial but the object of the form is to request a name and email address.

Do not skimp here. Do it. Trial and error.

What is the next step in email marketing with your mobile friendly site?

Now you are ready to start writing email sequences for your subscribers. Do you want a great free guide in how to write those sequences? Grab this guide and 43 templates free and start writing.

With more emphasis being put on responsive and mobile friendly websites, you must create that experience or risk losing ranking in the search engines. Google now ranks based on mobile responsiveness. The plugins I use on this website guide us into making it fit the requirements.

Fail to make your site mobile friendly and responsive at your own peril.

Contact us here if you would like help with the technical part or overall strategy of setting up your website or blog. Go forth and be “mobile friendly”.

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