This Customer Event Drives A Lot Of Traffic

June 25, 2019
This Event Drives A Lot Of Traffic

Shockingly, one simple customer event for your Local Business will drive consistent traffic into your store or online business. Every prospect or customer you have has one of these too.

When I tell you what it is and how to use it you will go “duh” why didn’t I realize that trick.

Don’t beat yourself up. It is simply learning a new skill and using it to your advantage in the future. That is why you are reading this, right? None of us were born knowing anything!

So therefore, drum roll please….We all have BIRTHDAYS! Yes, everyone has one and everyone can be targeted for their special day.

Were you aware that Facebook allows you to target prospects and customers who have a birthday in that month? Think about the opportunity.

This is an evergreen strategy. An ad goes out to all of your customers (segmented of course) offering a discount, buy one get one free, free dinner when you bring a group, or whatever you choose for that month, for instance.

The ad runs continuously every month with the new folks targeted with birthdays that month. Set it up, tweak it, let it run. If you have captured their birthdays in an email system, you can do the same thing for virtually no costs!

We all want to be remembered, right?

Who doesn’t like to be thought of on their birthday? Friends may miss it but a place they do business with remembers! Remember, most people don’t come to your business alone. As a result, they bring families, co-workers and friends. Revenue given up on the customer birthday event is made up on the other folks.

This is THE BEST CUSTOMER EVENT you can set up for your business. Little effort and great rewards.

Now, go out and create a birthday event for your customers and build goodwill and revenue at the same time.

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