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June 23, 2019
create content

The BEST way to drive new prospects into your business is to create content. Well thought out BENEFITS of what you sell or manage makes the best content for your message. This is the “C” in our A-Z local business owner postings.

People buy products and services that solve a problem. The more pain a problem solves the better. Therefore, what is the most pain problem you solve?

Think about this for awhile. Go sit in a hammock or a coffee shop (or wherever you do your best thinking). Turn off your phones, close the email windows and tune out the world. Just THINK.

Then when the ideas start to flood into your mind, capture them quickly in no order and with no judging. [Word of caution – don’t do this within an hour of trying to go to sleep – trust me on this one]

As the ideas for content creation flood into your mind, capture them in a logical order. I capture content creation ideas using Mind Map software. Have you heard of Mind Maps? If not, this is a great Mind Map book.

What is the best type of content creation?

Many folks will create content that tells what they do or sell. All of the features or “bells and whistles” of their stuff. How big, how many giga whatevers or the most discounts or lowest prices. WRONG!

The best content creation solves a problem! The more pain in the problem the better. Cost is typically not a factor if the pain of the problem is large.

If you are hosting a wedding party at your house and the plumbing fails 2 days before the event, will you REALLY search around for the lowest cost plumber? No, you will find the plumber that can fix it fast and at a fair price. That is pain! (Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC businesses pay attention here)

What pain do you solve? Go back to the Mind Map process from above (you did do that exercise, right?)

If it is not full of pain points, go back to your hammock and think some more. Really, every problem has a solution. It may not be cheap but it will solve the problem.

If you missed my previous post, please go back and read it so the future posts here will make sense.

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