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August 18, 2019

What is the best website for blogs? I see this question in many groups and my client base. For cost [Free] and ranking in the search engines, I always recommend WordPress.

There are 2 versions of WordPress. The one I prefer is a self-hosted installation of WordPress. This means the blog software is installed on a server you manage and control.

The other version of WordPress is located at This version is hosted by a company. You pay a fee monthly or yearly to access this software.

What are the pros and cons or each version?

The self-hosted version of WordPress on your server is Free. I like Free. This gives you complete control over everything in your blog software. If you can think it up, it can probably be done on your site. Many freelancers are available for a low cost to help you with whatever you require.

Some people say that a self-hosted WordPress is complicated to manage. You will have to install and maintain plug-ins. Keep it upgraded on a regular basis. Make sure you have automatic backups. It is yours to maintain.

The hosted version at does all of the backups, updates and such for you. It may be easier to learn and maintain if you do not want to pay others for help or learn it yourself.

The flip side here is you do not own the property. At any time, your site can be shut down or limited if the company does not approve of what you are posting or how you use it.

What about other sites I see online?

Before I get tons of comments about other platforms, let me say, after 10 years online I still love WordPress. It hosts around 1/3 of all sites on the internet. Support is easy and inexpensive to find. Yes, there are hundreds of other sites on the market. In addition, many of them are very good. This is my blog and my opinion 🙂

Once you decided that the self-hosted version of WordPress is for you, you simply buy your domain at one of many sites. We have used a lot over the years and have all of our domains at NameCheap. They are inexpensive, secure and easy to use.

Once you have your domain, you will go into your cpanel and look for QuickInstall.

Best Website For Blogs

From here, it is pretty easy to get up and running. This is not a post on each step to set up WordPress. That is another post. I just wanted to show you how a hosted WordPress is created.

What is the difference between WordPress and Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a webpage building software that is very easy to use. We have it on all of our funnels. However, I am often asked why not create a website inside Clickfunnels and be done with it.

The reason we use WordPress instead of Clickfunnels is the value of SEO or search engine optimization. The way the pages, posts, categories and tabs rank in the search engines is very much the way WordPress is designed.

Yes, we have created pages to our sites in Clickfunnels. In the long term strategies of ranking and ownership, WordPress is the better choice. Remember, for most any other site, you DO NOT own the site or the content. It can disappear at any time. This is a big deal for us. Again, that is why I believe WordPress is the best website for blogs.

Are there free themes and plugins for WordPress?

WordPress has thousands of themes. You can buy themes pre-made for your niche at many sites. Either modify them yourself or pay a small fee for others to help out.

The new block system of writing in WordPress won me over recently. For instance, I was not happy at the changes but since I write daily, I now love it.

Remember, you want to blog. You do not want to be a webmaster, right? Blogging everyday will increase your rankings. Furthermore, the structure of WordPress by design is great for the search engines.

Another huge benefit of WordPress is the integration of email autoresponder services. Our favorite is Aweber. I use the blog broadcast feature with them. Every time we blog out a few posts, Aweber generates an email to our list. Automatically. How is that for staying in front of your readers?

As a result, the low cost, massive themes and plugins and support make WordPress the best website of blogs. Cleantalk WordPress anti-spam plugin review tells you why you must lock down your sites.

Our site will soon contain more how-to for installation and upkeep on WordPress. Stay tuned.

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