Buy or Borrow Leads and What to Avoid

June 23, 2019
buy or borrow leads

The absolute best way to capture new customers is from another non-competing business that shares or sells you leads. This article will explain how to buy and borrow leads and what to avoid in the process.

Every business needs new customers to replace some that drop away from moves or deaths or competition. The challenge is you do NOT want just any new customer. You want a customer that matches your offers, personality and is not a pain in the rear to service 🙂

Advertising for customers on Facebook or other platforms is great if you know exactly how to do it right. I will have a special article on this in the future (keep your eyes open for it).

I have found the best way to get good quality vetted leads is from other local business owners that don’t compete with us. Also, if your territory is large, you may share customer leads with others that are not as close or who can not service them as well.

Therefore, the borrow part of this strategy is swapping email account lists with other non-competing but similar businesses. The buy part comes into play if YOU do not have a list to reciprocate equally. You simply offer to purchase the use of a certain amount of email broadcasts.

Now, the AVOID part of this process is not purchasing a “list” form a list broker, online customer lead system or unfamiliar seller no matter HOW attractive the offer appears.

The best way to get your autoresponder service to shut you down is sending out spam list or unverified emails. It happens all of the time. Scammers will scrap emails from all kinds of sites or hack into less secure businesses.

How do I buy or borrow leads then?

If you are a member of a networking group (you should be, right?), BINGO, the best source is there. It can be whatever deal you work out as long as it is a win-win situation.

If you are not a member, consider starting one up in your area (big bonus points from the community here). Otherwise, search out businesses that appear to have your “dream 100” customers and approach them with an offer.

The book I read (probably 4 times at least) to learn about this stealth type of marketing is “Expert Secrets”. It is free with paid shipping and handling, just FYI.

I will post about your “Dream 100” soon so watch out for it.

If you missed my previous post, please go back and read it so the future posts here will make sense.

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