Email Account Marketing Is Dead

June 22, 2019
email accounts

Have you heard that marketing to email accounts is a dead end? It is common with social media these days to discount email account marketing.

Mostly, those that don’t understand how autoresponders work or don’t want to learn are the culprits. These folks are really missing out. Why?

Email accounts are your golden assets. No platform can take them away or remove your fan pages or lists on various platforms. We treat them like a savings account in the bank. Actually, email lists = a financial asset.

Don’t believe me? Ask someone who has been de-listed from a social platform or lost all of their fans overnight. BOOM…their business takes a hit AND there is very little you can do about it.

This is our “A” posting for “Autoresponders”.

The services that allow you to send whatever emails you choose to prospects or customers. Marketing to email accounts allows you to target segments of this list for special offers. The key to achieving a large engagement from your prospects or customers is “message to market”.

“Message to market” simply means sending out the right message to the right segment of the market. The receiving person thinks “wow, I was just wondering about this service/product” when a targeted offer arrives. Their email account inbox is your message delivery target.

But, is using an Autoresponder easy, you may ask? There are literally hundreds of various ways to send email sequences or broadcast messages. THE KEY is using a service that has very high delivery rates and tests/rates every message going out for spam.

Our favorite email system has the highest delivery rates and does the testing I mentioned. When you ask around, it will be like a mouth. Everyone has one and everyone will give you an opinion, good or bad.

What’s Next?

Look for our demonstration post on this site soon. I will take you through the basics or most autoresponders to help you out.

This concludes our first A-Z local business owner marketing tips. “A” – for Autoresponders. Watch for the “B” tip coming next. Buy or Borrow leads and traffic.

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