Chimney cleaning near me Knoxville TN Client

April 11, 2022

Chimney cleaning near me search in Knoxville TN, turns up one of our SEO clients, Clear Chimney. These folks provide chimney sweeping in east Tennessee. This is a very competitive keyword in the chimney services business. By using trusted and time tested methods, we are able to boost their rankings from over 100+ to the first and second page of Google in 3 months.

Clear Chimney’s use of “chimney cleaning near me” keyword is providing the search engines key information about their company. The also rank very well for “chimney inspections near me” with their high tech video camera system. This camera system will capture and record the video of chimneys and flues in your home.

Another keyword that is similar to these is “chimney service near me“. For this keyword, we are pointing the reader a map for their service territory. East Tennessee is very large and most competitors will not service the remote areas. They like to stay around Knoxville, TN. By using the strength of traveling for a customer, Clear Chimney has an edge on the competition.

chimney cleaning near me
Chimney cleaning near me Knoxville TN picture says a thousand words.

So, for those companies that think the ranking in Google or Bing is hard, it is not. There is a science to ranking keywords. Does it take time? Yes. Can it cost a little bit of money? Yes. When your search engine optimization keywords generate thousands of dollars a month for free, that is that worth?

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