A Clear Chimney post is added

December 15, 2020
Clear Chimney Post

A Clear Chimney post added is a great article “Real gas fireplace logs” on their site. The posting is using the newest version of Yoast SEO.

We often tell our clients that SEO matters a lot. Yoast SEO is taking it to the next level for us.

Proper linking, images, headlines and content are the key to good blog ranking for local customers.

Local SEO is easier to rank in Google and other search engines as the location is small. The keywords have less competition. Clear Chimney posts will serve up more local searches.

Internal and external ranking is very important. Your site should have cornerstone content and then posts that link back to it. For instance, I love Connectio Explore from Wilco de Kreij. Keywords that work and linked back are the key.

The site will look like a spider web over time. Links of similar posts back to a main topic. More main topics link back to the top of the website main domain.

Of course, using Google Search Console is a must. The sitemaps submitted will allow back linking and traffic to the site. In this Clear Chimney post, right after it goes live, we enter console and tell the system to crawl the site for fresh content.

The final critical part of posting is a backlink. That is what this post is about. When Clear Chimney post an article, we create a small post that links back to the title or main keyword of the article.

This allows the search engines to link our site here with authority to my clients site for their keyword. Over time, it helps build out the web we want.

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