Customers Buy On Emotion And Justify With Logic

July 3, 2019
Customers Buy On Emotion And Justify With Logic

Imagine sitting out on your deck or boat or vacation spot and knowing customers are coming to you. When you check your phone for messages, scores of new clients are requesting information. You smile. Your heart rates jumps from the rush. How does this happen? You set up a marketing campaign where customers buy on emotion and justify with logic.

What do I mean by that phrase?

Have you ever bought an item with the vision of what it will do to you or family? Think timeshare or a new boat or a vacation home. Logically, it is really hard to justify the economic advantages of many large purchases.

We imagine sitting out on the lake in 70 degree temperatures sipping a cold one. Escaping the real world issues. Not customer problems ever. On and one we imagine.

That is emotional visioning. If you can sell that scenario, we have hatched the golden egg.

No one would buy a large expensive boat if they had a list of all of the expenses, limited use and depreciation it entails. That sales person would be broke in months 🙂

How do you incorporate this into your business?

Think about your ideal customer. What drives them to purchase your products or service? Is your product a necessity (new transmission, bathroom flooding, etc.). Or is your product or service a nice to have or wishful hope (exotic trips to Asia, hot tub for the new deck, etc.)

Remember, customers buy on emotion and justify with logic. So your marketing should mimic that fact. It is NOT trickery. It is not unethical. People have and will always BUY ON EMOTION. Everything. Open your mind and think about it without questioning.

When was the last time you bought a product or service completely on logic? Most services and products would die a quick death if they had to be justified with logic.

Story telling with high emotional content will drive in customers every day. This is one of the little hidden tips I learned from Russell years ago. Emotions sell. Want more examples and an exact layout of how to do it right? Check out Expert Secrets and read it at least 3 times. Trust me, you will pick up new tips, tricks and strategies every time.

Emotional selling is the EXACT reason that birthday events are one of the best marketing strategies available. I did an entire post on birthday marketing here. Check it out if you have not. It is easy, simple and profitable to operate. Emotions – ignore it at your business expense.

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