Time Your Marketing For Seasonal Events

July 3, 2019
Time Your Marketing For Seasonal Events

12 months in a year. Many events in a month. Time your marketing for seasonal events to capture potential customers.

The calendar is our best friend as a marketer in business. Local business owners are able to drive customers into their brick and mortar stores with holiday specials. Online merchants can take advantage of these days too.

Why does this work so well? When the event or day is over, that is it. Done. There is only one July 4th. It creates an embedded DEADLINE!

Remember, urgency, emotions and a deadline are KEY to advertising for any business. Without these, customers procrastinate (we all do, right?). There must be a kick-in-the-pants reason to get folks out of their house or routine.

Create that reason. Time your marketing for seasonal events!

This is SO easy it is almost unfair, but not. Take out your calendar (I always still have a paper calendar next to my desk). Go month by month and decide which day(s) can work for your business.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, find days in the year related to your business. Gardening businesses have world wildlife day to attract birds and such. Tax day for accountants or money folks is possible. Research your niche and create an event to market around.

None of us would celebrate the “National Lazy Day” coming up soon, right? You get the idea. Create unusual events and send out invites or something related to your business.

Timing is everything. Start at the first part of the month for the NEXT month. It takes some time to set up every aspect of the campaign. Give yourself some flexibility because LIFE HAPPENS, right?

This strategy is so easy to implement. It is also very easy to plan out in advance. One of your team members can set this up for you. By using your favorite autoresponder email system, you will write it, load it, schedule it and implement it within hours.

Don’t forget the tried and true calendar events either. Remember, the birthday events are the best and most reliable of most any other event.

Summer to Fall to Winter to Spring – each season has specific reasons to launch and profit from many events. Be unique and pick unusual events to set yourself apart from the herd. When you are competing with every other company for holidays, you may get lost in the noise. Create your own noise!

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