Retargeting Simply Means Follow Up

July 3, 2019
retargeting simply means follow up

Do you notice when you are kicking back and surfing Facebook or other websites that an ad keeps following you? When you clicked on a website or checked out an offer a small piece of code was entered on your device. This is a retargeting (re-targeting) pixel. Retargeting simply means follow up.

Unfortunately, this practice has come under attack by some of the media as invasion of privacy. I am the first to complain about unethical marketing, abuse and spammers, believe me.

So I ask you this question. How is retargeting ANY different from having to watch the same BORING and stupid commercials during your favorite TV show? You watch a certain show and the advertisers pay to keep it “free” (don’t get me started on the cable or content fees). They advertise because YOU are the person they want to reach because of the type of show you are watching.

This is the same purpose behind a retargeting ad. If you visit your local ice cream shop’s website and then receive coupons and specials for weeks after that to the same ice cream shop, BAM, relevance.

There are several ways to introduce retargeting for your customers. If you advertise on Facebook or Google, you can track the people seeing your ad and retarget them. If you have a website, you can install a pixel to do the same thing.

Why do you want to retarget?

If someone does not know you, it takes approximately 7 times to influence them to “stop in” or raise their hand for interest. Think about that stat. 7 times. How many of you have run ads or sent out direct mail and after 2 or 3 times stopped because “it doesn’t work”.

retargeting simply means follow up

You do not have to advertise the same product every time either. Once the retarget pixel is in place you are simply running ads to those who have had some type of interaction with your company. Remember, retargeting simply means follow up.

There are many ways to add retargeting to your website, blog or advertising. My favorite is connect retarget. It is part of the connectio suite and is well worth the small cost to do it right.

I will provide a walk through of this suite in the future. Watch out for it.

If you would like help setting up your targeting or just want to brain storm your next marketing push, feel free to contact me here.

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