Underestimate Marketing At Your Own Peril

July 3, 2019
Underestimate Marketing At Your Own Peril

You may have the best location. Your inventory is the top of line in most categories. The staff in your store are all experts in many ways. Do not sabotage your business from the start. Underestimate marketing at your own peril.

Getting the word out about your offers, events and specials are critical to success in this online, checking prices and social media chaos. The way to set yourself up for success is having a defined marketing strategy.

If you do not spend time and money on marketing your business, it is terribly hard to grow and succeed these days.

Let’s go over the various ways to drive customers into your business

Obviously social media seems to be the first place to plant your flag. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, the list goes on. While all of these are important to get your brand and offers noticed, the core system should be your email provider.

I know, folks will say that building up your list is slow. It is not sexy like fan pages or tweets. I am here to tell you that the reason you need a reliable autoresponder email system is it is an ASSET! You do not own the other platforms. You are at their mercy.

As I am typing this article, Facebook photos and videos ARE DOWN! This means all of our advertising is showing a blank space. Money is being wasted. We can not control any of the views.

Also, you have heard about sites taking down accounts for no reason or dubious reasons. DO NOT put your future in marketing in other platforms. With your own email system, daily backups, offsite storage and security are your biggest concerns.

So back to the marketing angle, you must be able to communicate on a regular basis with your customers and prospects. Also, segmentation is very important here. You will communicate with prospects differently than customers that have bought from you for a decade, right?

Underestimate marketing at your own peril.

Team up with your networking owners to share email list either via a co-op arrange or a lease or recommendation from their business. Obviously, these would be non-competing businesses. There is hardly any better way to drive new customers than from a referral from another business that they trust.

If you would like help or consulting from us to set up or expand your marketing, contact us here.

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