Various Testing Determines Ad Winners

July 3, 2019
Various Testing Determines Ad Winners

The details are in the data. If you are not testing many different variables in your marketing, you will pay too much. Various testing determines ad winners.

An advertisement geared to baby boomers will not perform as well to the millennial ages. College graduates will click on links that high school graduates will not. The examples can go on forever.

The point here is nobody (and I mean nobody – I have tested it) can tell you which ad or adset or video or tweet will perform better than another one. The challenge is collecting enough data to determine the best performer.

One different picture or sentence or age targeting can be the difference between a profitable ad and one that drains your budget quickly.

Interest targeting is used on Facebook. To test the various interests versus ROI or return on investment, you typically have to set up individual adsets and monitor the performance. I have done campaigns with 20 adsets at a time. Let me tell you, that is a lot of work.

I have started to use connect audience for my Facebook testing. This tool allows you to enter up to 30 main broad interests in one adset. Let the ad run for a few days and go into the discover part of this tool.

WOW. That was my reaction when I first used it a month or so ago. Once the data was available from Facebook, the tool showed you the exact interests that were working and those that didn’t. It provided click thru ratio (CTR), cost per click (CPC), etc. for EACH interest. What a time saver.

So what do you do with this data?

Once you have the data on performance, the tools allows you to remove the interests that are not working right from the interface. It gets rid of the under performing adsets.

The real power comes from the overlapping or layering available. The adsets that are left can now be overlapped in up to 3 groups. So 4 interests in one group + 4 in another and 4 in the final. This means only those targets that like or interact with one interest from ALL of the groups will be shown your ad.

Can you see the power in this tool? I was amazed, too. Our CTR went from a respectable 3% up to 10%. Our costs dropped way down as our ads got better interaction and thus cost us less money. If this sounds way cool to you, check it out here. Feel free to ask me questions or help you out if needed.

I can be reached here. Remember, various testing determines ad winners. Take care and starting testing, testing and more testing. You will thank me for it 🙂

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