Upviral Review Wilco de Kreij

August 10, 2019
Upviral Review Wilco de Kreij

Here is a fact – getting high quality traffic to your landing pages, websites and funnels is getting harder every day. In fact, unless you are a SEO guru, ranking high in the search engines is hit and miss. Viral marketing solves this problem. Here is my Upviral Review by Wilco de Kreij.

Upviral is what is known as a viral marketing platform. Basically, the idea involves social engagement of prospects to share your message virally in exchange for a gift, bonus or discount.

There are 3 main types of uses for Upviral. The first is running a giveaway campaign. This means getting your visitors to invite even more visitors by offering a COOL giveaway or reward in exchange for the engagement sharing.

The second type is running viral contests and sweepstakes. Start a contest for promoting your company, product or service. Everyone loves to enter contests and the more the prospects share, the better chances they have at winning the prize.

Finally, the 3rd type of viral application is launching a product into the market. The object here is to create a campaign for promoting a new business, offering or service with little to no advertising required!

How about integrations?

Since Upviral integrates with your existing funnel systems [like our favorite Clickfunnels], it provides a seamless web experience for quickly and easily creating a new campaign.

Upviral also integrates perfectly with Aweber [our autoresponder email system for over 10 years]. As folks enter their email into the Upviral webpages, they are automatically added to your email system for future followup and retargeting. This is where the power begins.

Upviral is also cloud based. It works in a web browser so it is available anywhere.

What types of business does it work on?

upviral types of businesses

An Upviral Review by Wilco de Kreij would not be complete without me showing you the inside setup. Take a look at the this screenshot for setting up Upviral.

Upviral Review by Wilco de Kreij

How do I start creating a campaign?

To begin, you simply follow the menu on the left side and set up each page for your campaign. Do not worry, they have very good video tutorials on each page.

You will decide if you want to give a reward just for signing up. This can be a report, a coupon, etc. Then, do you want to do a sweepstakes? This is where it is set up.

The next page is where you will assign “points” for each type of engagement.

upviral points set up screen

Basically, the prospect will get points for signing up on their own. Then, they will get points for posting to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Whatsapp. You do not have to use all of these but they are available.

We prefer to offer points only when a referred friend signs up to our contest not just a visit. A visit does not add anyone to our email list.

Upviral has a great fraud detection system. It monitors for duplicate adds, spam type of sign ups and all. You may see many adds under the fraud tab. You can add them or delete them as needed.

Most of the other tabs are self explanatory. As I mentioned, the video help on this site is fantastic. One part I want to point out is the advanced settings. In this section you will enter any tracking pixels. I highly recommend you install the Facebook tracking pixel. Also, if you have it, I recommend you use the Connectio Connect Retarget module and use the PowerPixel.

It is very powerful to track who hits your page, if they complete the form and share with others. Upviral has a very good stats page too. You can not manage unless you measure, right? I have used this powerful software for giveaways to Clear Chimney – Real Fireplace Logs. I also used it as an SEO to Clear Chimney near Knoxville TN.

What about training and support?

There is simply too much to cover in a simple post to do this platform justice. The support is great. Each part is covered by videos and examples. Check out the quick start section below:

upviral quick start

Jump start your traffic for the next promotion you launch. Try out Upviral. We love it and use it weekly. They have a money back guarantee too for your peace of mind.

Alternatives? I have tried out Rafflepress – the new offering for WordPress plugin giveaways. I will review it shortly but my first take is it is not nearly as complete as Upviral.

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