What is Connect Video in Connectio?

April 30, 2021

Just in time for the Apple IOS 14 update, Connect Video in Connectio has arrived! Wilco de Kreij has done it again.

Introducing “Super Video Audiences“.

As many of you know, Apple (as others will follow) is updating their IOS (which powers the Iphone and Ipad) to drop the pixel tracking in advertisements. The tracking of ads is only allowed if the consumer clicks to accept. We know only about 20% at the most will allow it.

This presents a huge issue for marketers advertising on Facebook and other platforms. Without the pixel tracking (and only for 7 days if allowed), it is very hard to profit via re-targeting ads. What is a marketing pixel?

Fortunately, the Connectio Suite now includes Connect Video in Connectio.

Super Video Audiences screen shots:

Let’s dive in and see what Connect Video is all about.

connect video super video audience

Setting up Connect Video is very easy. Instead of relying on pixels to track users and retarget, this program uses video views. When a consumer watches a video on your Facebook ad, the amount of time watched is tracked. This is internal to Facebook. Therefore, there is no pixel on an external page.

You simply create what is called a “Super Video Audience”. This program that all videos that you have created over time and ads them to an audience. It goes back 365 days!

The first step is tell the system how many seconds or percentage you want to include for tracking. Smaller numbers give a bigger audience but it many not be as targeted.

connect video super video audience 2nd step

The next step creates a name, the video sources and your ad account. That’s it. Click the create audience button.

After a few minutes, you will see in the manage area the new audience. You will use this audience in your ad account just a before.

Finally, what are other super helpful parts from Wilco de Kreij?

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