Wish Or Hope Are Not Action Plans

July 5, 2019
wish or hope are not action plans

Boosting a Facebook post (never do this by the way) and hoping it works is not marketing. It is guessing. Wish or hope are not action plans. A well thought out marketing plan is invaluable to your business (local or online).

You might as well roll a set of dice and pick from a list of marketing actions to pursue. The goal in marketing is to create a “funnel” that will start to pick up broad interested prospects. The prospect goes on to different more qualified levels. Eventually, the prospects left in the funnel are your best qualified, rabid fans ready to buy, subscribe or engage with your business.

You may ask, why does this matter if we push 1,000s of folks through a process and pound them with offers so some will buy? The cost of acquiring a new customer will skyrocket for one thing.

Why do we create funnels in the first place? [Read up on marketing funnels here]

The object to funnel marketing is to put content out there. Fail fast. Keep what works and throw away what doesn’t work. Wash, rinse and repeat.

This will make a difference between a CTR (click through ratio) of 0.15 (bad) to 35.5% (very good) or higher. With advertising platforms, the marketer with the highest CTR typically gets the cheapest cost available.

So, would you rather spend $50 to obtain a new customer or less than $15 or so? This is obvious right? But only through testing, planning and executing will you achieve the lowest cost per new customer but get a higher quality of customer too.

Therefore, wish or hope are not action plans. One of the best ways I have found to lay out a marketing plan is with mind maps. This resource explains it very well and it is a great read.

Reach out to me here if you want assistance setting up your funnel or marketing plan.

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