Xtra Training Is Not Optional For Your Business

July 5, 2019
Xtra training is not optional for your business

First, I know Xtra is not the right spelling for extra. Don’t start bashing me as an ignorant hillbilly or such 🙂 This is part of my A – Z marketing series for local businesses. I need a X. So, Xtra works. Plus it is my blog, right? LOL So, I wanted to post an article explaining why Xtra, extra, training is not optional for your business.

All of us as business owners tend to work a lot. We assume that we must be able to do anything in our business. This takes time. There are only 24 hours in a day, right?

This is where the push and pull tugging of training or a mastermind rears its ugly head. We all know xtra, extra, training is not optional for your business.

We can’t possibly know everything about everything as it relates to marketing our businesses or which advertising platforms to use. Therefore, it is always best to ask for help from others that have more knowledge in certain areas.

Also, by having other similar thinking individuals around, they can point out flaws or enhance winners that you may be too close to see.

Use some caution in asking for help. Opinions are like mouths. Everyone has one and most are willing to share even if it is not the best advice for you or your business. I have found it best to seek out non-competitive owners in different markets but with the same desire to help and share.

That is why I started my private Magnetic Customers Facebook group. Since you are reading this, I will extend an invite to you to apply to join. It is free but I need to understand who is applying so there some questions presented before I can approve you.

Please contact us HERE if you have any questions or would like to bounce ideas off of my team.

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