Yes – How To Get A Customer To Yes

July 6, 2019
how to get a customer to yes

Marketing and advertising’s only purpose is how to get a customer to yes. Most businesses are not big enough to justify “brand” marketing. Like the large soda companies putting up a billboard with simply their name.

I have always preached, you can not sell it if you can not measure it. What does that mean? Simply, for every campaign you run or event you hold, you must be able to measure the return on investment (ROI). Without that data, you are simply throwing darts and hoping.

The simplest way to get a customer to say YES is provide over the top value related to the cost of the product or service. That seems simple enough, right?

Many folks I talk to though are stuck in the “lowest cost to service” mentality. How can we provide the bare minimum of service or the absolute lowest cost product to get a sale. This is short term focused. We want to serve a customer for life. That is long term focused.

You may say: Keith, we can’t increase our prices as the competition will over take us. Or, we can’t offer anything else and maintain our margins. I would say you are not thinking long term. I use to say “out of the box” but that phrase is so overused I have come to hate hearing it 🙁

How about an example of added value?

On the other hand, there are all kinds of services, add-ons and upgrades that cost very little but provide extreme value. Recently, I was in a discussion with a stump grinding company. They wanted to offer more value but not give up extra margin. After much debate, they decided to provide a garden bed service. This meant simply taking the grindings from the stumps and putting them into the customer’s garden as mulch.

How much do you think it cost them extra to do? The were already on site. The machinery was there. Simply hauling some bark chips around was the added service. Now, the customers did not expect that for free but offering it as an up-sell for 50% off was huge added value. One time offer. They couldn’t go back to spread the chips. Take it or leave it.

Now you may say that was selling up for additional services. I would say that is stacking the value on top of your already competitive prices.

Another example of how to get a customer to yes is asking. You will ask leading questions that you know “yes” is the answer. Are you tired of painting your house every 3-5 years for $5,000? That car keeps giving you major repair bills, right? You get the picture. The more “yes” the closer you are to a sale.

How can I help you?

The best way to brainstorm ideas is with others that may have done it or are in your situation. I have started a Private Facebook Group to do just that. It is free but invite only. If you want to join our discussions, go here. Also, you can contact me here if you want help going forward.

When you are trying to get to yes, you are considered an advanced type of marketer. These strategies are beyond the basics of selling a product. If you want more advanced strategies from folks that are selling huge amounts online and offline, check out Expert Secrets. One of my favorite advance marketing books written in common sense, easy to understand language.

Remember, you want a customer to get to YES not MAYBE. Maybe is a decision to NOT buy. Only YES will put revenue in your business. Yes?

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