Zero In On Your List To Grow Your Business

July 6, 2019
Zero In On Your List To Grow Your Business

One of the biggest assets a business owns is frequently ignored. When asked about an email list of prospects, buyers and rabid fans, so often we hear the list is not maintained very well. Zero in on your list to grow your business. This is gold.

Segmenting your list is as important, if not more important, as having a list at all. Prospects whom you don’t have a relationship with are different from customers that have been buying from you for years.

The golden segmentation is what I call rabid fans. These customers will buy almost any product or service you offer because they understand your value and if offered an “insider’s deal” will jump at the purchase.

I have talked about the best offer you should run continuously. The birthday month offer is an evergreen strategy that works over and over again. I wrote an article about it here. Check it out if you like.

When you zero in on your list to grow your business regularly, you will start to think differently about your offers, marketing plan and relationships with your customers.

Your customers and prospects are your family of buyers. They put food on your table. Without them, your business struggles.

Do you communicate to them regularly? If not, why not? If you do, are you mixing up valuable content with offers? No one wants to be sold but EVERYONE wants to buy. Read that sentence again.

How can I help you?

The best way to brainstorm ideas is with others that may have done it or are in your situation. I have started a Private Facebook Group to do just that. It is free but invite only. If you want to join our discussions, go here.

You have probably noticed my opt-in form on I offer free products, tips, tricks and insider spin from the industry.

I really love to hear from other businesses about their success and their struggles. We are not on this earth to go it alone. I would love to be a part of your marketing family. I welcome you into ours.

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